In the last five years, AR has advanced rapidly. Due to the versatility and ease of augmented reality technology, it has rapidly spread across a variety of industries, including entertainment, healthcare, sports, aviation, and defense.

Hooswim Smart Goggles
The world's first augmented reality smart swimming goggles with a diffractive optical waveguide

With the rapid advancement of computer capacity in hardware, augmented reality technology now has a foothold. Following several years of research, Light Particles has developed the first augmented reality smart swimming glasses in China, allowing swimmers to envision a true interactive experience.

Light Particle Technology released Holoswim holographic smart swimming goggles in September of last year. Holoswim is an augmented reality smart swimming goggles that can display underwater near-eye and continuously monitor users' swimming data.

Holoswim Goggles
Holoswim utilizes the world's first commercial resin-based optical waveguide, which is lighter and less damaged, more flexible in shape processing, more environmentally friendly in manufacturing, and performs better than heavier and more brittle glass-based optical waveguides.

To ensure the safety of the human body during exercise, the smart swimming goggles can provide clearer imagery, a lighter weight, and improved light transmission. Simultaneously, Holoswim features a long battery life, a quick magnetic charging architecture, and wireless connectivity with smartphones. Additionally, the device performs communication activities.

What can Holoswim do for swimming?

Swimming electronic devices such as watches and other portable devices are available on the market. Both hands must be used frequently when swimming, and individuals' eyes must remain focused. To a certain extent, smart watches and bracelets continue to encase the hands. Distracting interaction experience.

Swimming Goggles with smart diaplay
In comparison to previous swimming devices, Holoswim is capable of directly projecting motion data feedback. It is capable of intelligently recognizing numerous swimming techniques, including freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly, and displaying various data, including exercise distance, exercise duration, strokes, swimming laps, and rest time.

Holoswim Functions
After swimming, the data is simultaneously transferred to the APP, where you can view your 100-meter pace, stroke rate, calories burned, and kilometers traveled.

Through the aforementioned, real-time data visualization of swimmers' movements, speed, accuracy, and technique can be performed, allowing swimmers to gain a complete understanding of their performance status and then formulate corresponding training strategies and analyze their existing training methods in order to minimize the risk of injury. It enhances the immersive swimming experience for swimmers and educates the public about the benefits of augmented reality.

Holoswim package
Light Particles is committed to creating an AR ecosystem and development platform as an advocate and pioneer of consumer-grade augmented reality smart glasses. Enhance future augmented reality products and actually "transform smart glasses into a new organ for humans." Additionally, light particles will enable more surprise products, ushering in an era of consumer-grade augmented reality.