Some people lose weight very hard by swimming, but after a period of time, the weight losing is not significant. I believe this is representative of the swimming thoughts and performance of most people, so it is necessary to correct the method:
  1. Keep pursuing more time instead of distance.
In order to consume calories, many people set goals, such as swimming 2km at a time, and they will be completed when they are good. There is a sense of accomplishment. But the method is inadequate. Because long-distance swimming is not as easy as ordinary people think, and it is very dependent on swimming technique. In the long run, swimming an hour is more important than swimming 100 meters, even if you swim slowly. My personal experience is to swim for at least 1.5-2 hours each time, and maintain the frequency of once a day or once every two days. Don't set goals when you swim. Wear a pair of smart swim goggles, you can swim as you want, and it will end when the smart goggles show you the time is up. Swimming over one hour, it has a good effect on losing weight.
Smart Swim Goggles
  1. Swim to try as many strokes as possible.
Many people only do breaststroke or freestyle. Swimming for a long time will inevitably become monotonous, and a swimming style can easily cause damage to certain parts of the body due to fatigue. In fact, each stroke has its own reason, and it also exercises different parts of the muscles. If possible, learn one or two more, and you can change them when you swim. The freestyle and backstroke should be changed together, as well as the butterfly and breaststroke. This transformation exercise exercises the muscles of the whole body, which will make your body more symmetrical.
  1. Swim more and break down the movements.
Many people learn breaststroke or freestyle and swim to the end in one stroke with little else. But the whole body movement is actually very difficult. It pays attention to the cooperation of all parts of the body. If a beginner starts full-body swimming without a good understanding of the technical essentials, he will ignore some technical details and cause some bad habits that are difficult to change.
In fact, swimming more simple and basic decomposition movements are very good for swimming. Don't look down on them, such as static drift, slow drift, upward drift, manual leg movement, leg movement, sidestroke, breathing, etc. . It is easy to swim with the decomposition action, and there are many tricks, which will not increase the burden on the body and mind, and will also increase the fun of swimming.
And the most important thing is that the decomposition action can increase the sense of water, while the effect of the whole body's action to increase the sense of water is not obvious. My own swim about 1.5 hours each time. First, warm up with full-body movements for 20 minutes, then swim with Holoswim goggles for 40 minutes of decomposition movements, and then swim for 40 minutes of full-body movements. Of course, decomposition and full-body movements can be interspersed. Swimming in this way actually consumes a lot of money, which is completely sufficient for weight loss.